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Organize and keep track of any information that is important for you or your team, such as

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Your data is stored on your computer in a single file per project. Move it around and sync it amongst devices however you want. Stay independent and in control.


There is no risk of a data breach like there is with cloud based solutions: Anita works fully offline. You keep your data where it's most safe, with you.


Anita is the privacy you want, the convenience you need. Your data is never exposed to a third party: no more middlemen, profiling or ads targeting.

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In the box below Anita is already up and running. You can start trying it out, all data will be saved on your device.


Anita has everything you need to organize your work and life, and we are improving it daily to add features and customization options.

Free Data Structure

Create a data structure that suits your unique needs and define the relationships between them.

Unlimited Projects

Create as many projects as you want. Each project is saved in its own file, available for easy retrieval.

Offline and local first

All your data is stored in a file on your file system and is always available when you need it, offline.

Sync between devices

Because your data is saved on a file, you can sync it between devices with the cloud of your choice (such as Dropbox).

Open formats

Your data is stored in open formats such as JSON and SQLite, so you can always access it with any compatible app.

No installation required

No installation is needed to use Anita, and yet it works offline and can be added to your system to quickly launch it.

Desktop and Mobile ready

Anita works seamlessly on any desktop and mobile device, on any operating system.

Free (as in free beer)

Anita is a free and open source app, developed and maintained by a passionate team.

Help Anita move forward

We're looking for people who are interested in making Anita better. There are many ways to get involved: you can help by giving Anita a try, reporting bugs, or suggesting new features.

Open source software means that anyone can contribute. You don't need to be an experienced developer or hired gun, and you don't need any particular skills or qualifications.

You can also help by spreading the word. Tell your friends about Anita and get involved!